SIF Scholar Connect

SIFians Around the World!

To experience learning through exposure, SIF offers an Interest-Free Loan Scholarship for students who plan to study abroad. Many students who are awarded an Interest-Free Loan Scholarlarship are studying and working all over the world. Our SIFians have built invaluable relationships with people from all over the world, and they have expanded their academic horizons and developed the capacity to adapt to various educational settings.

Scholar Connect is designed to help SIF’s current students cultivate a network of professional contacts in the foreign country and take in the allure and culture of the new land.

The Scholar Connect is a platform for previous SIFians and current SIFians to establish a mentor/mentee relationship and provides students with a valuable source of guidance aside from the University community.

Moving to a foreign country for education brings a torrent of new experiences and emotions. But with time, these new experiences make room for less joyful feelings. You’re away from your family, friends and home, maybe for the first time. You will probably feel a little melancholia that we tend to call homesickness. If you don’t have new friends to share your experiences with, chances are you’ll miss home to the point of homesickness.

Work on expanding your social circle

One of the best ways to tackle social isolation is by expanding your social circle, and you can do this by connecting with SIFians in your host country. This way, you can start an interaction which then translates to possible long-lasting friendships.

SIF Scholar Connect is designed to unite current scholars and previous scholars to engage in meaningful conversations and professional networking.

How Do I Connect with other Scholars?

Scholars need to sign in through their ID on SIF’s website.

After signing in, the new scholars can get the email IDs of other scholars country-wise. SIF Scholars from the same foreign country can contact each other and meet at their convenience.

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