Why Do Indian Students Go Abroad to Study?

Planning to Study Abroad?

Most students in India consider the option of going abroad for further studies such as a Masters degree. This educational trend is most prominently seen in engineering students, but in the last decade has also been followed by students of various streams such as communication, business administration and other fields. 

But have you ever wondered, why these students consider taking the option of leaving their hometown and going overseas for education? Despite the availability of exceptional courses and the quality of education available in our country, the idea of an international degree still remains to be one of the most sought after and lucrative ones.

Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Apart from the obvious such as experiencing a new country and quality of education, there are various reasons why students from India, choose to study abroad.

Here are some reasons why students from India are keen on studying abroad

1. International Exposure

One of the main reasons why students choose to study abroad is for international exposure. International universities see an influx of students from all around the world and hence these universities become a melting pot of cultures.

Additionally, teachers at these international universities come from varied backgrounds which adds to their experience and the style of teaching. All of this adds to the kind of exposure a student gets in an international university. 

2. Language Skills

An opportunity present in an international university increase in multitudes compared to that in India. A student can pick up new languages, meet different kinds of people, explore new career opportunities. 

These new language skills also improve the possibility of getting better job opportunities in not just the country the student is studying in, but also in other foreign countries. 

3. Personal Development

The exposure remains at the heart of most of the benefits that a student reaps from being at an international university. As a person meets people from various backgrounds, the personality of a student changes, giving them more confidence to deal with new a different people and challenges. 

A person also begins to understand himself better and grow as a person with more self-belief which further helps them in life. 

4. Enhanced Network

When studying in an international university, you meet people from various backgrounds. These people then come together to take up the same studies and then get placed in different companies. Since you are already an acquaintance of these people, your network is a wide and diverse group of people.

This network only grows and strengthens as you move through your professional lives, and meet your network in different professional situations. This network can also help you move through your career and find new opportunities. 

5. Quality Education

International universities give you access to quality education as their competition exists on a level higher than that of national universities. 

The teachers in international universities are curated from various backgrounds with international experience, which helps you learn from rigorous experiences and gain better insights into your field of study. 

6. Develop Confidence

Being away from your family for the first time is always difficult. However, international students learn and adapt quickly to the situation and are more confident. They learn to face their own challenges and build the confidence to deal with any and every challenge faced by them. 

They also have the confidence to be on their own at any time and hence can turn out to be great leaders.

7. Opportunity To Settle Abroad

It is often seen among people from various engineering fields. Students who go abroad to pursue their masters often find a job abroad and settle down. Pursuing education internationally can be an excellent way to explore job opportunities abroad. 

8. Explore New Culture

As you meet new people, as an international student, you also get the opportunity to explore new cultures and learn how people live work in different countries.

This also gives you the opportunity to learn and explore how people celebrate various festivals, their food and much more. These experiences cannot be explored when living in your own country. 

9. Make New Friends

When you are an international student, you have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. You meet people from various corners of the whole world which is a very enriching experience. 

By meeting these people, and living with them, you understand how much the world has to offer. A student learns a lot of new things about people from different places which in turn helps make the student become a more well-rounded person. 

10. An Opportunity To See The World

International students have the opportunity to see the world in many ways. In case a student lands a job in some international city, progressing from these to another country becomes much easier than finding an international job from your home country.

This way you also start exploring the world at an early age and are open to more opportunities. 

Things You Should Know When Planning to Study Abroad

When planning to study abroad, preparedness comes in handy. There is a lot that needs to be figured out which can be a little difficult. But making a checklist and ensuring you have at least read up on what you can expect can help your transition from living with your parents and then moving away.

Here are a few things you need to know when planning to study abroad: 

1. Check for scholarships: There are various scholarships that fund your tuition fees or cover some part of your education. Check up on those.

2. Research: Research well about what you want to study, courses offered, how on when admissions and applications start.

3. Bag packing: Check all the flight rules when packing your bags and follow them to the T. Also read up on everything you should be carrying from home.

4. Part-time earning: Most international students pick up part-time gigs when studying abroad. This helps support their lifestyle expenses. 

5. Bank account: As an international student, international facilities on your back account are very important. Ensure all the necessary arrangements are made. 

A Few Myths Indians Have About Foreign Education

The main problem that deters Indians from pursuing education abroad is the expense. Most people believe that studying abroad is expensive and hence do not choose that option. But here, we would like to break all the myths Indians have about foreign education. 

1. Finding a scholarship is challenging: Finding an international scholarship is not exactly challenging, rather if you are on top of all your applications then you might find a good scholarship. of course a lot of research is required, but it isn’t impossible. 

2. Education is expensive: If you have applied for scholarships and loans, studying abroad is not expensive, additionally, the return on investment is very high. 

3. Finding employment is difficult: Finding international employment is not difficult if you are already living there. A lot of international university students get preference from employers.

4. Might not settle well: Students in international universities settle very well because everyone is looking to find friends since everyone is away from home. 

5. Indian students are neglected: No student in an international university is neglected and everyone is given equal opportunity. 

6. Studying abroad is not safe: Studying abroad is safe, and there are communities and organisations that protect students against racism and other issues. 


Choosing to study abroad can be a life-changing experience for students. It is a window to a series of opportunities and could help you build a promising future. It is also an opportunity to experience world culture and take a step towards the bigger world. If you wish to study abroad, check out the scholarship.

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