Yedaba goes back to School

Yedaba goes back to School

On the morning of 26th June I was reading ‘Daily Sakal’ and what caught my attention was the news of a secondary school examination result. During that year, Yedaba had secured first place among all his peers at the night school and his name was published in Sakal Paper. As per the daily work chores I arrived at my desk in the morning, there were meetings lined up for the day. At Sakal, the editors had appealed for donations to help needy students. People from different economic backgrounds were present to donate some amount or other.

“I remember very vividly, an old couple came with a donation of 100 rupees which they contributed from their savings. In the next few days, we received donations from various medium some people gave a visit and while others preferred to send it by post.”

Similarly, my friend who is a Principal of a prominent college helped to sponsor Yedaba’s education. Hearing this generous support I invited Yedaba to visit me at my office. Yedapa was a simple boy. He was unaware of the importance of his academic achievements. I got to know that Yedaba’s parents were rag pickers and He being the only son, the responsibility of his family fell on his weak shoulders. This made me realize how much education is important to Yedaba and his family to live a dignified life. So, I convinced Yedaba to bring his parents on next visit. After a week, Yedaba’s parents arrived at my office.

Yedaba’s parents were hesitant at first, thinking if their only son gets a full time education then their daily wage income would get hampered. Listening to this, my colleague Mr. Mulay thought that this was a bad idea and supporting Yedaba would be a waste of money and our time. So, after deliberate thinking, I asked Yedaba’s parents what would be the loss in their daily earnings if Yedaba went back to school full time. A worrisome father took a long pause and said around 50-100 rupees per day, which was a huge amount for them. I knew I had to help Yedapa and not to let his intelligence go to waste so I requested his parents that if I could offer to support them with the same amount of money they were losing due to Yedaba’s full time education, will they allow Yedaba pursue his education full time? The parents were surprised with this generosity and said Yes! I was delighted by this positive response.

Yedaba’s confidence was commendable, he was focussed determind to complete his education. I on other hand assured him with financial help to his family till he completed his education. In the next few years, Yedaba studied with dedication and sincerity and went on to sucessfully complete his MBA from Akluj Management Institute.

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