Why is the UK the Best Place to Study:  Top 8 Reasons to Study in the UK

Why Study in the UK

Study in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most famous study destinations for education, with over five lakhs students around the world enrolling each year in the UK. Going to university in the UK is a great way to enhance your resume, meet new people, and experience a new culture.

The universities of the UK have an indubitable reputation for academic excellence, with a plethora of courses available for students. The UK has been an ideal destination for many years for international students from all over the world.

Top 8 Reasons to Study in the UK

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider the UK for your study abroad. The main reason might be solely academic for you, but apart from education, you will achieve many things and have new experiences if you decide to study in the UK.

Here are 8 reasons why Indian students prefer the UK as a top study destination:

1. World-Renowned Universities

The UK is one of the most famous study destinations for international students and is home to 3 of the top 10 universities in the world. A degree you gain from a UK university will be recognised internationally by other universities, employers and government bodies.

The top 5 universities in the UK are:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Edinburgh

2. Varied And Interesting Course Options

There are a variety of courses available for international students to choose from, whatever your age, ability or interest. If you want to study subjects such as business alongside tourism and hospitality in a dual honours degree, you can easily pursue that in the UK.

3. Exceptional Quality Of Education

The UK has maintained its position as a popular study destination among international students owing to its long-standing tradition of providing quality education. The standard of teaching at UK universities is regularly assessed by official bodies to maintain the benchmark standard of their university. The independent audits are also carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) in the UK.

4. Multicultural And Welcoming Environment

There are so many international students across 180+ countries studying in the UK, out of which the number of Indian students is the 2nd largest group! Studying in the UK is an opportunity to experience the welcoming atmosphere and multicultural environment, meet new people and other international students from across the world and discover new places. You benefit by developing varied skills necessary to be part of today’s global workforce.

5. Safe And Stable Country

The UK is considered one of the safest destinations for travel. In Wales and Cardiff, you’ll receive a warm welcome. The Welsh people are amiable and are always happy to help. Most universities have a dedicated body that ensures the safety of international students that gives instructions in case of any emergency. They also provide CCTV surveillance and round-the-clock security, ensuring a safe environment for all students.

6. Plenty Of Opportunities For Extracurricular Activities

The universities in the UK receives over four lakhs application every year- to them, you are just a piece of paper. The universities don’t want to admit a piece of paper, they want passionate and motivated students who would be a great asset to their institute. Here your extracurriculars help these universities to see what kind of a student you are and why you would be a great student for them.

UK’s Universities and student unions typically host numerous clubs and societies which you can join. The three main types are:

  • Sports teams
  • Subject-based groups
  • Social Clubs organised around a shared interest.

You can also become a volunteer & give your time to good causes for free. That is the perfect way to develop your skills and connect with potential employers. You can also do a part-time job that can give you the work experience sought after by employers and provide excellent examples for you to use in future interviews.

7. Excellent Research Facilities

If you are a research student wish to pursue higher education in the UK, it will be interesting for you to note that the country puts across 6.4% of global journal articles, 11.6% of citations and 15.9% of the world’s most highly-cited articles. The latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) regulates the quality of research conducted by more than 154 leading universities in the UK, classified 30% of the research as ‘world-leading’ and 46% as ‘internationally excellent’.

8. Student Life

Apart from studies, international students can also enjoy their study programs in the UK. Students can travel to many unique locations, especially during holidays. International students can enjoy the city’s rich culture by exploring the art galleries and museums. The transportation infrastructure in the UK is fantastic, making it easier for students to travel to places and hotspots in the country. International students can also extend their stay if they want to work in the country. These factors make Student Life in the UK more delightful and memorable during their study program.

Fun Facts about the UK

  • London has the largest library in the world.
  • Over 300 other languages are spoken in London.
  • The UK has over 100 universities.
  • The first billionaire author is from the UK – JK Rowling.
  • The Queen does not have a passport.
  • Being dead in the Houses of Parliament is illegal in England.
  • Love Chicken tikka? So do the British – it has been voted as the country’s national dish by its citizens.
  • Buckingham Palace has its police station.

Study in the UK FAQs

Q1. Is It Expensive To Study In the UK?

Ans. The UK is one of the most expensive study abroad destinations. But with proper financial planning and scholarship, the cost can be reduced. On average, students spend between £24,000 – £55,000 in a year while pursuing higher studies in the UK

Q2. Is It A Good Option To Study In the UK?

Ans. Students worldwide choose to study in the UK because admission to UK universities is relatively simple and is renowned for high academic standards. Also, you can get a degree in the UK in a shorter period than in other countries.

Q3. What Attracts International Students To The UK?

Ans. International students are attracted to quality education, work opportunities,  great student life, cultural diversity, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have adequate reasons to choose the UK for your studies, you can move forward and take the next step toward your dream of studying abroad. As an international student, you can select among the UK universities that offer a variety of courses.

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